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What WILL We Schmoo With Our Love?

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 A lot of people ask me — why schmooru? How does this come together? Sometimes these stories can be complicated. Through using the imagery of the early 80s sit-com family genre, we hope to cut out a lot of the confusion while implanting solid imagery in everyone’s mind from day one on who we are. So lets start at the question that started it all for us — What’ll we Schmoo with our love?

  • Our love is a great list of people we know who can get the shit done
  • Our love is the people we know from all the places we worked and all the people they know and so on..
  • Our love is the generational shift going on before us, both in media and government
  • Our love is even a found in a crap economy, for within it we find opportunity
  • And finally — our love is each other — as explained below the roles we play in our Sha-la-la-laaa…