What WILL We Schmoo With Our Love?

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A lot of people ask me — why schmooru? How does this come together? Sometimes these stories can be complicated. Through using the imagery of the early 80s sit-com family genre, we hope to cut out a lot of the confusion while implanting solid imagery in everyone’s mind from day one on who we are. So lets start at the question that started it all for us — What’ll we Schmoo with our love?

  • Our love is a great list of people we know who can get the shit done
  • Our love is the people we know from all the places we worked and all the people they know and so on..
  • Our love is the generational shift going on before us, both in media and government
  • Our love is even a found in a crap economy, for within it we find opportunity
  • And finally — our love is each other — as explained below the roles we play in our Sha-la-la-laaa…

Here we go:

Dan is Alex P. Keaton

Dan is Alex P. Keaton. (Managing Director/Business Development)

It’s true — in the 80s, growing up in Ohio, I liked Reagan. He appeared to be friends with Michael Jackson and his first name was the same as one of my other favourite characters Ronald McDonald. While my taste in food and politics may have evolved since then, my admiration for Alex P. Keaton has not. I’m here to work the deals, get things done and make long winded speeches.

Sarah is Mallory

Sarah is Mallory (Lead, Community)

I mean in her picture she seems awfully dreamy like Mallory was and in this “very special episode” that’s why she is the person at the center of our Schmooru. She has traveled everywhere in search of creative people like you. Now she finally has a place to put them or you — Schmooru!

John Reed as Skippy

John Reed is Skippy. (Webmaster)

The reliable, trusty, fashionable, co-conspirator born out of the I-70 latitude of middle western charm. As our Webmaster, he built the house where our love takes place. For a “good time”, please don’t miss his show at radiohour.org.

Sharon as Meredith Baxter-Birney

Sharon is Meredith Baxter Birney (Lead, Washington/Broadcast Communities)

Sharon was Schmooru before there was Schmooru — her walls and bulletin boards a “facebook” of broadcast folks as if someone ripped the idea straight from her headlines. She provides us with motherly wisdom — and may very well have aspirations to one day move on to Lifetime Original movies — whatever that storied form turns out to be once we “remake it”.

Tori as Mr. Keaton

Tori is Mr. Keaton (Lead Client Relationships)

She’s a woman in every respect, but her role is very similar to Mr. Keaton (and since she lives in San Francisco, can’t a Mr. be a woman? One must always “rethink”). She provides level headed one-liners, likes documentaries and knows how to keep the family moving with a rational sense of wisdom. Her job is to make sure our clients are happy and also come up with a system that makes sure people get paid.

Jared as Nick

Jared is Nick (Lead Counsel)

No, Sarah and Nick are not a couple in real life, although they may play one on TV. Nick is our legal council here which may make you wonder why he’s like Nick — the guy that used to say “ay” all the time. Well that’s because Nick was an artist, and our legal council Jared may be one of the most artistic among us. He tours the country with the Budos Band. They are awesome and he’s quite busy doing it. This means he GETS what its like to be a creative and not get dicked over by the law — in one work: “AY”.

Hopefully we won’t need to add the little kid for ratings — now taking applications for the Courtney Cox character 😉


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