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Schmoo Band o’ the Week: The Grass Roots

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

buy levitra with priligy If you begin to start asking yourself — is this guy Beckmann using SchmooNEWS to write some sort of PHD dissertation for — and you answered YES — you’d be RIGHT! I’ve been talking about the “Programming of Robotic American Culture” for the last 5 years, driving away more chicks than ordering the garlic penne pasta on your date at your neighborhood Olive Garden® – issimo!

What does this mean in short (you don’t want the long version–I can already see the pigeons scattering)? I’m studying where the creative goo comes from, and I’m writing about in here in a concerted way to try to inspire it in all of the schmoos.

This week, we look at the ‘origination in name’ — through this Schmoo band o’ the week — the Grass Roots! (more…)