Schmoo Band o’ the Week: The Grass Roots

If you begin to start asking yourself — is this guy Beckmann using SchmooNEWS to write some sort of PHD dissertation for — and you answered YES — you’d be RIGHT! I’ve been talking about the “Programming of Robotic American Culture” for the last 5 years, driving away more chicks than ordering the garlic penne pasta on your date at your neighborhood Olive Garden® – issimo!

What does this mean in short (you don’t want the long version–I can already see the pigeons scattering)? I’m studying where the creative goo comes from, and I’m writing about in here in a concerted way to try to inspire it in all of the schmoos.

This week, we look at the ‘origination in name’ — through this Schmoo band o’ the week — the Grass Roots!

To me the term grass roots was introduced to me well after this band came into fruition — it was the grass-roots campaign that became William Jefferson Clinton — the 42nd President of the United States! Much sneeze was achoo’d early on about his grass roots campaign and its quite true that his original support must have been pretty thin starting out. Here was a guy laden in scandal from a state most would never desire to live in. Ironically, Wal Mart “the largest corporation in the wo-yald” was born out of there — but so were these Eric Estrada land deals:

Wow — a fire deparment!?! I ain’t got one a those! — only when I retire. Book ’em Dano! (wrong show, I know — but what did CHiPs say anyway?). So Bill Clinton certainly was an original(cough cough we love those here) — the first two-term democrat since FDR… and he started with his shallow grass roots effort!

The Grass Roots catalog certainly is not shallow, in fact almost all are quite uniquely urgent, case study 1: — Midnight Confessions — when I tell all the world that I love you(is the guy at the piano the Fantom Fink from Scooby, the one they want you to think is the Fantom Fink or none of the above?):

This “Wait a Million years” enabled stalkers of all ilks to carry out their craft with driving rythym, not to mention the S.O.S. in the beginning — save our staches! —

And possibly one to take with you on your summers pick nick with that special someone as you sas’ily rebel against established convention through your LOVE — you’ve got better things to do! — “Lets Live for today” shall we?:

As you can see, despite their urgent cries, their staches didn’t make it till “today.” Nonetheless, the Grass Roots certainly have a deep catalog, we should all be so inspired. Their sound for some reason reminds me of my childhood eye doctor’s office waiting room — their barber also cuts the hair of Mr. Spock. In the end, there’s a certain original intensity of the Grass Roots that’s shared throughout all of their “sha-la-la-la-la-la”s. ____ 1! 2! 3! 4! — We hope it inspires some sort of uprising in you this weekend!

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