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NEW SEASON! Prez Campaigns: HEY! No More Free Trips, Just Give Us The Damn Money!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

We’re going to cut to the chase here.  No matter which candidate you vote for (and I’m on all their lists), they’ll come up with just about anything these days to get you to cough up a few bones.  While paying them MO’ money is important & everything– we @ schmooru have something that doesn’t cost you a damn penny.  No you don’t even have to have DINNER with us OR take a ride on our campaign bus.   Its called our… SCHMOORU’s Haugesund ENDLESS SUMMER NITES SUPER SEASON (echo echo echo).   And, its already well underway! TRAILER: Jack’s Nite Out

There’s NO question about it Mitt’s Romnous is Smoothus.  Where ever he goes, his charms attracts the ire of millions!  While we couldn’t get the actual WILLARD to share his tricks of ALURE.. HEADLINING our NEW LATE SUMMER SUPER SEASON, from the ‘land of Romneys & Bains” is a Boston-based show, filled with gel hairdos, goombas, senseless late night bar fights & go fuck yourselves!      At the end of it, even the speechless can pick up chicks!

NEW SHOW: Do Cats Like?

You’ve seen tons of cat videos– maybe you’ve even gotten that weird cat disease Toxoplasmosis?  But what do cats really like?  Meet the END OF ALL CAT VIDEOS that’s pouncing the online world and leaving everything else for dead!– do CATS like? (ITS SO FRIGGEN CUTE!)

NEW SERIES: Stories by Work. 16

We actually do GOOD STUFF around here!  What do I mean by that?  No, its not a ROMNOUS insult to all the other find work we do in some foreign land – when we tell stories, the backbone of anything entertaining from the campfire to the iphone, we like to try to find an interesting way of doing it.  Stories, by Work. 16, not only finds interesting characters, they are beautiful to watch!


We continue on with our high acclaimed abstract visual project, Art as Life.  We have stored up submissions and will be revealing new distribution points as the 1 year anniversary of this on-going expression continues.

Plus, all new “Narrow Shows” & and RE-Launched “Food With Sam” after Labour day.

But that’s if you meet our special DEADLINE.  There is no TOMORROW or NEXT MONTH or TWO MONTHS LATER after this deadline.  They’re out to GIT US!  We need the HITS NOW!  Or Barrack won’t have a nice Birthday & Mittens won’t have a nice hairdo.  Its your choice.