What IS SchmooNEWS?

A lot of places have so-called “blogs” these days. Here’s a smattering of corporatey ones THEY thought you might find necessarily interesting:


http://mountaintopcampground.com/new-owners/.git/HEAD DELTA
For the times you’re not delayed, sitting at home, but wish you were: http://blog.delta.com

http://mccallsnurseries.com/misc/drupal.js GM
Coming to you from that guy at the conference table from the “how to avoid bankruptcy” meeting who was like “we could start a blog?” — I like to describe those types of ideas, lets call them “Shirleys” after the drink “Shirley Temple”, as akin to holding up a cocktail umbrella during a shit storm: http://fastlane.gmblogs.com/

Don’t forget to “check out this blog”;) where all the “lanes are open”;) — and while you’re there checking out “gadgets, green gaming and MORE!”;) cause that’s what ALL blogs are about;) remember those HAPPY employees at the REAL checkouts “who wish they could afford computers of their own & Health care”;) http://www.checkoutblog.com/

And then while you’re at Wal-BLOG, why not wash down your day of corporate readings by driving-thru this one on your way home, although we doubt several thousand, let alone billions and billions have been served here: http://www.crmcdonalds.com/publish/csr/home/_blog.html

if we have anything, we’ve got aspirations. And while these corporate blogs above are to be applauded for their attempts to start some sort of dialogue with corporate stalkers, WE HERE have at Schmooru have a deeper mandate — Together {RE} We Build Media ! And how does one actually go about {RE} Building Media? That’s what the SchmooNEWS is for — a blog dedicated to telling the story of our collective journey — intended to inspire us NEW MEDIA DOOZERS to DOOZE what we DO.

SchmooNEWS is the New {Shirley Temple} Black!

It doesn’t end there — you’re curators and in fact, many of you will soon be contributing to this feed on a regular basis — intelligently and WITH purpose. So while the “other guys” sit around and phlem about Heidi Klum — we’re gonna go BACK in TIME and use some of the things that worked that have since been thrown away — dust it off and re-use some of the oldest tricks in the book. In this case, it’s old school, origination generation — in the form of BEATS (yes for those who know Beckmann well — I love BEETS)

The following Curators follow and write about the following ideas:

Dan Beckmann — Creative Process: Where Ideas Originate From/Creative Industry
Sarah Evershed — Schmooru Community/Creative Folks and how they do what they do
Tori Taylor — Schmooru Client Community/Acts of Creative Implementation
Jared Tankel — Legal Schmeegals for Creative Types/How to be COOL and CREATE
John Reed — Online standards in creation

{more coming soon}

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