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Schmoou-light on: Daniel Klopp

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

where can i get Misoprostol I am thrilled to be spotlighting one of Schmooru’s most worldly filmmakers [though there’s a lot of competition out there!] who has worked in Peru, Australia and the US. Daniel was an amazing help in getting reactions to the US election in Australia for Current TV’s election coverage. He filmed, edited and delivered an amazing assortment of interviews within 24 hours [this included a hellish amount of technical difficulty] and had the best attitude during the whole thing. (more…)

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Laura Ling Sprung Me From Prison at Least 3 Times

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Something that’s been bothering me about this whole Laura Ling Thing, is she’s been my liberator several times since we first met-the most recent occasion was one year ago today when she paroled me from the idea there was no place better than working with her so I could run off and join the Obama’s new media team. When I met Laura I was a corporate loyalist — now three years later I even find myself liberated from paying rent for one full year now and in many respects its all her fault. Five months into this whole fucked up thing-one in which I think we all sort of felt in March would just end quickly and then REALLY didn’t-I’ve been unable to come close to returning the favor even once. (more…)