The Evershed Plan®

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Many in the “chattering circles” have been wondering, what’s the COMING SOON about? Why not just fling open the doors — What in THE HELL is going on in there?

woodshedWell hold your horses! There’s a heck of a lot going on inside schmooru right now. Building a solid creative community is like a nicely stacked woodshed(as more eloquently pointed out by Lee on her 2or3things) — you have to build it piece by piece. Sometimes you have to adjust a few things to the natural flow of the wood. This helps so your structure doesn’t fall over in a storm — and prevents water and varments from damaging too much of your wood!

We like to call this the Evershed Plan® — building a community that lasts the test of our creative times! Our person in charge of this initiative is also conveniently named Sarah Evershed and here’s a picture with her father Gary Evershed, one of the original Eversheders — in a long line of folks who’ve been building things right since man decided to put things together:

SarahpopsSo to get more specific — we’re in the process of bringing in the right foundation of creative muscle and matching them up with the right group of creative consumers to make sure things match up right. We’re going through community building exercises so our Schmoos can Schmoo. We’re not in any hurries. We also don’t have to be known by every Tom, Dick, and Harriet out there. We just need to keep doing our thing well and stacking the wood just so — so that we’ll have this property to hand down to the next generation of Schmoos. That’s what we’re in this for.

woodshedIf you have any questions or are interested in getting in on this early BONUS Round — please contact us. If anything, we’re friendly.

— D. P. B., Amsterdam 08.07.09

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One Response to “The Evershed Plan®”

  1. Sarah Evershed says:

    The Evershed Plan is in full effect. I can’t wait to share with the community all the exciting things we’ve been working on. Be on the lookout for some great community building coming up in the next few weeks. We’re so glad you’re all here with us on this journey.