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Welcome to For those of you waiting since May 2009 — you no longer have to get your schmoo on alone! Every video you see here was made by a member of our community. While thoroughly checked before admitted — each was given the creative freedom and a modest budget to complete their work. They were not conceived in a conference table by a committee of people related to each other, NOR was any focus group or ratings paper consulted — each one of our creators had a vision and was able to go with it.

In the coming months, we will be seeking more programming and will be opening up applications for consideration to the world at large. In the meantime, we hope you’ll tell us what you think and enjoy — unfiltered creative televisions on the internet.

Here are some featured shows of Schmooru’s Inaugural season:

The Narrow Show

Some have called it the last radio show, others worry federal wire taping laws have been broken as these are real telephone conversations recorded between Mike & Dan. Whatever the case — their focus in life is very narrow and their exchanges, friggin’ hilarious.

Food With Sam

So long as man has walked the earth and looked to thrive in its harsh environs, he has yearned to eat three meals a day. That’s upwards of 100,000 meals in a lifetime. Some see this as a chore, or a necessary evil. But to others, it is an opportunity … it is the greatest opportunity the world has to offer.

Mike Nugent’s Montana

Mike Nugent, his friend Rob and his companion Deter show you unfiltered Montana, the way its really lived, by those who call Big Sky Country their home.

Ask Dr. Esther

Dr. Esther has been in private practice in the midwestern United States for over 30 years. She’s heard it all and now she brings her wisdom to Schmooru.

I Like, I Don’t Like

F. Nick Michaels’ series on the things HE LIKES and the things HE DOESN’T LIKE!

Make It Happen

A documentary series dedicated to covering people succeeding at what they love, and doing so independently.


PILOT SERIES: Hijinks ensue on the US-Mexico border as one man resorts to increasingly elaborate measures in his fight to ebb the tide of immigration.

Coming This Spring:
Schmooru’s First Documentary Series
Two Animated Series: One Comedic, another Political

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