It’s Obama’s MAKE or BREAK WEEK again..

Posted September 8th, 2009 by

For those of you in New York, y0u will notice its FASHION WEEK! YAY! For Barack Obama its also, the most important week of his presidency — we keep hearing. He’s either NERF or he’s NOTHIN’. It’s the whole sha-bang, the real enchilado — the fat taco. His presidency — becomes either “a fart in the wind”, or “Gone with the wind” in the history books — all on this week.

You see, whether or not he saved our country from crashing into the GREATER DEPRESSION earlier this year or saved my poor hometown of Toledo, OH to “die another day” — its not good enough. We need health care too damn it! That’s why we voted him there — not just for status quo — but for all of it.

Let me come out with it — I think OBAMA gets a STRIKE on his first attempt to roll out his health care thing. He and his team were arrogant — I keep hearing that word. They thought they could steam roll this through — and they can’t. They get one last chance to turn things around this Wednesday — or else its OBAMA’s WATERLOO. And let us all remember all those who thought Obama couldn’t win at this time last year because of BIG BAD PALIN. The WSJ said Obama couldn’t win against Palin. Also, don’t buy a house of this architect unless you want it to cave, like Rove’s Obama Can’t win proclamation here.

So in tribute to the idea that not only do I not think Obama’s over — he’s actually still got a good chance of ‘killin’ it’ — I thought I would back him up on these two finer points.

ONE — Those who know Beckmann, know I have long talked about how NANCY REAGAN came to us in our classrooms and INDOCTRINATED US! She didn’t give us an open-minded question on how we could help the president — no… she just told us to “Just Say No!” And that was all.

“Just Say No” obviously failed to stop drug use, instead pushing experimentation “behind the scenes” — just ask Willis what he’s talkin’ about, or unfortunately, Dana Plato is not around to talk about anything — thanks Nancy. At least Nancy supports stem cell research — redemption in her older years for closing so many minds.

The best part about some schools following NANCY’s LEAD and JUST SAYING NO to the Obama video — it creates tremendous BUZZ around an otherwise BENIGN video for the YOU TUBE generation to watch it in their more attentive hours after school — SCORE!

The next and final terrorist fist bump to BO — , but more specifically David Axelrod — or ‘axe’ — the guy who gets guys. I bet many of you never knew he’s in a band… LONG BEFORE he did politics?

Lets just hope AXE starts making some good political music again because its damn hard to find your man being hated by his base, his enemies and liked by Hugo Chavez — all at the same time.

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