Briefly on the Creative Kennedy Rhetoric..

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I think it bears mentioning too much with the Kennedies already! But in watching the entire funeral for some reason this mourning–I thought of their contribution to generic metaphoric political creativity over the years.


There was not a Kennedy kid who spoke this week or behind any podium at any time(I mean did they practice this before they could open Christmas presents or something in Hyannis?)… who was not able to belt out in a monotonous, almost life strangling clammour some familiah yet generic speech about reaching for a brighter tomorrah–I mean who the hell doesn’t want one of those right?

I’m not a Democrat(although some may be suspicious to this effect)–but I do credit these Kennedies with providing space for imagination. They risked their lives for it, its why we love ’em even with their extremely laaage nogins carrying on at times with their Boston cut-cho-off in traffic on the way to the private school effect… why on this day.. we all thank them for that.

In particulah to the Schmooru community and its creator fans abound I leave you with Uncle Teddy — June 1968, eulogizing and quoting his brother, Robert (but there were oh so many with these people, dare I ask not what I can do?):
‘Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.'”

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